Unistaff is a career and results driven
agency for employment in Las Vegas.

Staffed with experts in employment services, we provide unique and responsible personnel to companies like YOURS.


Unistaff has over two decades of combined experience in the staffing industry, working with a broad range of companies in any number of industries. We carefully screen candidates, choosing only the most qualified for meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our goal is to fill your openings in manners that don't disrupt operations and meet all your personnel needs with tailored services.


Whether you need long term, short term, on-site partnership, direct hire or one day assignment, Unistaff will get it done. Using fast and efficient tech alongside a staff of counselors that know where to look, we are an operation ready to fill positions.


If you need to fill a slot tomorrow or three weeks from now, give Unistaff a call at 702-643-1601 and let us show you how we make a difference one employee at a time.


Unistaff is minority owned and certified with a significant track record of building strong partnerships with both clients and employees.


A certified Minority Business Enterprise, Unistaff is operated by a veteran of the U.S. military.

Unistaff's mission is and has always been building a foundation for successful business partnerships.



Unistaff offers a vast range of services a client can choose from. Each can be tailored to accommodate any unique specs. All that's needed is a conversation with one of our advisers.



Unistaff never stops looking for new talent. We are constantly interviewing, screening and updating our records to ensure we have the best candidates at all times.


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